Board Packets and Agendas

2018-19 Packets and Agendas

5-23-19DO6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacketForest Grove Handbook 2019-20
Robert Down Handbook 2019-20
WALK ON Bond Oversight Committee
REVISED Classified Assignment Order #14
5-15-19DON/A6:00 PMAgendaAdditional information will be available at the meetingSPECIAL BOARD MEETING
Budget Presentation
2019-20 Kinder Projections
5-02-19DO6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacketCA Health Standards Additional Document
CA Health Standards Additional Document
CA Health Standards Presentation
Walk On Contract
Food Service Presentation
GO Bond Presentation
4-25-19DO6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacketAdult School Handbook 2019-20
Community High School Handbook 2019-20
Forest Grove Handbook 2019-20
PG High School Handbook 2019-20
PG Middle School Handbook 2019-20
Robert Down Handbook 2019-20
4-04-19DO6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacket* Counseling Study
* Walk On Out of County
* CAASPP Presentation
* David Avenue Site Presentation
3-21-19DO6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacket
3-07-19DO6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacket* Walk On Contract with ATX
* Second Interim Presentation
2-13-19DO5:30 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacket* Walk On Psyched Services Contract
2-06-19DO6:15 PMFollowingSPECIAL AGENDA
1-31-19CHImmediately following the regular Board meeting, approx. 10:00 PMApprox.
11:00 PM
1-31-19CH6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacket* Audit Financial Report
* Audit- Building Fund (Measures A & D) Financial and Performance Audits
* Next Generation Science Standards Presentation 2018-19
* Walk On Contract for Services Casner Exterminating
1-17-19AS6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacket* Measure A Jan_Feb 2019_ Distribution by Category
* Field Trips Presentation
12-13-18DO8:00 PM (approx.)7:00 PMAgendaPacket
11-15-18FG6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacket* WALK ON Out of County or Overnight Activities
11-01-18HSN/A7:00 PMAgendaPacket* WALK ON Discovery Charters Contract
* WALK ON Out of County or Overnight Activities
10-25-18MSN/A7:00 PMAgendaPacket* PGHS Water Polo Presentation
* PGUSD Quarterly Safety Report
10-04-18DON/A7:00 PMAgendaPacket* Walk On Resolution 1024 Week of the Administrator
9-20-18RD6:00 PM7:00 PMAgendaPacket* Additional Stipend Documents
9-11-18DO6:00 PM7:00 PMAgenda RevisedPacket RevisedSPECIAL BOARD MEETING
* Unaudited Financial Reports
* BASRP Client Agreement Fee Schedule
8-23-18DON/A7:00 PMAgendaPacketEnrollment Info
* PGUSD Safety Update Presentation
7-23-18DO6:00 PMFollowing

2018-19 Board Meeting Dates & Locations

August 23, 2018District Office
September 11, 2018District Office
September 20, 2018Robert Down Elementary
September 27, 2018Forest Grove Elementary
October 4, 2018District Office
October 25, 2018PG Middle School
November 1, 2018PG High School
November 15, 2018District Office
December 13, 2018District Office
January 17, 2019Adult School
January 31, 2019Community High School
February 13, 2019District Office
March 7, 2019District Office
March 21, 2019District Office
April 4, 2019District Office
April 25, 2019District Office
May 2, 2019District Office
May 23, 2019District Office
June 6, 2019District Office
June 20, 2019 District Office


DO – District Office: 435 Hillcrest Ave
FG – Forest Grove Elementary: 1065 Congress Ave
HS – PG High School: 615 Sunset Ave
MS – PG Middle School: 835 Forest Ave
RD- Robert Down Elementary: 485 Pine Ave

CH – PG Community High: 1004 David Ave
AS – PG Adult School: 1025 Lighthouse Ave

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